Organized training videos as of present time

Hi folks, I’d like some feedback on the state of organized training videos available for blender at this time, as per your personal preferences. By that I mean stuff not splattered about YouTube or other video sites, I mean training courses. I’m getting back into blender after a long hiatus, and would like to follow something pretty well put together. I’m not not necessarily looking for free stuff, although if there were such an organized training suite I would of course certainly welcome it.

I know there’s some stuff over at blender cookie, but what else is there? My 3D workstation is not online, so if there are training DVDs or downloadable sessions for reasonable prices that would be ideal, so I don’t have to constantly switch back and forth between two workstations. If not, I’ll just deal with it.

Please note that I’m starting back from square one. I followed some stuff over at Lynda a while back, first Blender 2.48 Essential Training with Roger Wickes, which I found to be quite a train wreck, and then Blender 2.6 Essential Training with George Maestri, which was better but had some errors that screwed me up.

So I’d like to hear anyone’s perspective on what you think are good training videos and, importantly, why. I don’t need to use the latest versions of blender, I’ll follow whatever version is used in any training series. Thanks for your input on this.

While most of CG Cookie is streamed video, if you are a member you can also download the videos in HD to watch at your leisure off line.

Thanks for your reply. I’ll get back to CG Cookie and check that out. Weren’t there also some training DVDs available somewhere, or is that just all ancient history now?

Thanks again.

There are some DVDs available, however the Blender Foundation has stopped providing them (IIRC) as they now rely upon their cloud solution for subscription fees and distribution of content.