Origin Point

This is such a noob question, it’s embarrassing because I have a fir amount of exp in other tools.

When adding an object, I would expect the location of that object tr register as half it’s height from the ground plane (in this example.

I expect that because I thought the origin point of the object was what was being measured. In the example image, I have a scaled cube that is 4 units tall. To get it to sit on the ground plane, I would expect to move the x position to 2, not 4. This isn’t making sense to me.

Coming from Lightwave where it operated this way.

In 3D View, hit N. Make sure Item is selected. You will see dimensions. The default cube is 2m not 1m, so your origin is at Z=4.

Dimensions - that’s a new one to me. I get it. Thanks!

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If the origin is not where you want it, look at the menu for Object > Set Origin > …

I see that, thanks!