Original Mecha: Fenrir

Started working on another mech.
Going well so far!

The body, legs and shoulders are done.
The rest are placeholders for now.

Once those are done, I plan to go over and add more details.

Nice. I would love to study that model. I will have to learn to make one of those in the future

Thanks Xero, I don’t plan on releasing the model, but I post some wireframes if it helps.

Just finished the first draft of his arms. Moving on to the wings next.

Reminds me a lot of the weapons from FFVII. I think if he were green he would look like the emerald one.

Which, I never was able to beat. Even with LV99 and KOTR

Emerald WEAPON was a underwater battle. Need a special materia for you to breathe underwater.
The wire frame is a start, but I was expecting a wire frame shot on all 3 views.

No – he had those 1 hit moves that annihilated me near instant. The guides said to beat him you need revive materia, which I could never get from the games at golden saucer.

man that was a great game.

Looks amazing man. Its the first time Ive ever seen a mech with a tail.

Really? Metal Gear Ray had a tail. If you saw that, it wouldn’t be the first.

Emerald was a pain to beat! :eek:

Updated the head, decided to give him hound ear like horns to match his name.
Still need to do more work on the arms.

Just a quick Freestyle test with a toon shader. I’m really liking the new version in 2.6.

This is amazing, is this type of render easy to setup?

It took a bit of fiddling to get the settings correct. But it is quite easy to duplicate.
All you need to get a Freestyle version of Blender from http://www.graphicall.org/.

Here is my setup.
You can adjust the line thickness in the ‘Freestyle: Line Style’ window in the render tab.
You also need to mark any sharp edges as Freestyle edges. (Just like marking them as sharp)

Setup.blend (400 KB)

The Freestyle render is amazingly good, really. Your setup is also cool. I never thought of setting the crease angle to zero and marking all sharp edges by hand, but I agree that that is a reasonable choice for robots like yours, since I guess that uniformly applying a crease angle is unlikely to give you a satisfactory result. Thanks for sharing the nice technique (:

very nice work on the render and the choice of lines!

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Been a while,
The body shape and components are pretty much done. I just need to do the tail and a bit more to the arms and back pods.

Add some details and I’ve started playing with a colour scheme too!

^holy****, that’s NICE.
remind me of Jehuty from zone of enders (I might model it someday)

New render looks great and thanks for the blend.

This is looking really great, I definitely think it looks way cool with the toon shader, kudos.

This toon shader looks amazing ! _

I’m really immpressed by your modelling skills, but also by your sense of style, aesthetics. You have a inborn talent. Gratulations :slight_smile: