Original Music for Free!!!

Hello, my name is Matías Castro and i am a video games composer. I want to offer my work to you, because i want to build an extense portfolio and i wonder if you need music.
It’s for free.
i hope you’re interested. I can create very good music, high quality, for free.
my email is matias(dot)compositor(net)gmail(dot)com
and skype account matias(dot)castro(dot)c

Hey fellow composer!! welcome to BA!
Glad to know there are more composers on here.

Thanks!!.. i hope i can help with my music here!

Will you code your gmail adress (like “(dot)” instead of “.”), since nobody else seems willing to tell you that(and since you don’t want additional spam)?

P.S. You could also do that for your skype account, writing something like “matias(dot)castro(period)c”

I myself don’t need anyone makin’ Music for me, though as a Composer myself I wonder what your Style is like. Would you show some of your previous Work? As well for the Sake of everyone, of Course.

If you want to listen some tracks, please enter in this website, in portfolio, also have a youtube account.
www (dot) filmscoremusic (dot) net

Hi, Matias.
Please post some examples so we can hear your style and quality.

Here you can listen something



Wow matias, pretty epic stuff, congrats man.

Very nice. You are skilled.

looking for stargate like music for my star gate game like empire at war.

will ask another set of music for an orignal game i’m working on based of my sci fi stories on scribd.

like the music

If you want music, contact me!

I may want some music, i shall PM you when i have more details.

I really did enjoy the two pieces, but for the RPG Overture the accents on the trumpets was a bit much at times. Fantastic job otherwise, everything else was pleasing to the ear.