ORION 5 STUDIO SHOTS - Old model new renders...

I recently downloaded the latest version of Octane and for a bit of fun/relaxing (ie not work) decided to knock out a few renders of my ORION 5 model.

Modelling - Blender
Rendering - Octane

Thanks for looking.


Awesome, It looks like it is on one of “those” car commercials. :smiley:

Well… I have nothing to say! It’s just very professional, I’m far from that yet.

Hey thanks for the nice comments guys!

Great work, I also peeked your site, awesome reel.

Looks like the next bat-mobile! Great renders.

@ clecle - Thanks for the comment and for watching my reel.

@ LiquidApe - Thanks, funny you should say that as I started a Bat Wing project ages ago which I need to finish.