ORION mining ship

Hi there!
This is my first work on Blender Artist, I never tried to pursue a WIP here, so I want to try.:smiley:
It 'a a WIP that take my efford for very long long time… in the future.
I want to create a design that I was very inspired, MINING SHIP from Star Citizen you know!

The goal is to make the maximun dectails possible for my workstation, and to overcome the detail (not the quality I think) of the original rendering.
I want to see how far holds my PC :eyebrowlift:

last update

I start to make the first geometry, to become familiar with the formes, and study the proportions of enemy:D, and think about a modeling method.

Without a careful use of modifiers such as arrays and mirror will be very difficult to complete the work and even groped to overcome the detail set.
So i use multiple mirrors, on the all the axes of geometries, and multiple mirror with EMPTY object as origin.
So i can mirroring the half geometry but also the entire object. Same for array modifiers.
Some time i use also DUPLIVERT to skip polygons.

i subdivide the mesh in “mini objects” so i can control better the ship.
Add mesh, and do the “first pass” of dectail

and also

ehehe let engage the FIRST DECTAIL LEVEL :rolleyes:

here another part of ship
lower mining turret and crew miniship.

and now work on first level of dectail

the mining …some…I believe that they have the function of breaking the rocks…i suppose :smiley:

uff… is full of little “stuff” this ship…

Anotehr update the file start to be weight in viewport.
second pass of dectail

Hi Gikkio, you did a good job on the modeling so far, I like it a lot. And you have a wonderful portfolio linked in your signature, by the way.

Finish all modeling work.
now start on studies for materials.

i finish the modeling work.
Now start with work on material and texturing dectails



Go gikkio go! Nice texturing, but work on it is very long, good luck!

Very nice results so far! Keep it going :smiley:

Thank you guys!
oh Perepe77! Nice to meet you here! :slight_smile:

I continue my WIP
first rendering of the model.

I must begin now to fix all these aesthetic details.
materials and then work on the lights, and I create the scene

ok we have a first render!
Now i can work in post production, create the scene and the backgorund with PS

Cool! I wish X3 model were this detailed…

Amazing work, very inspiring!

Cool! I wish X3 model were this detailed…

oh what I would like a new X3 with “modern” graphic standard

thank you guys!
up early with post production work.

Texturing is twice as hard as modeling, and you did a great job with both… attention to detail is amazing.

Did you take the Nostromo ship as inspiration as well? :smiley:

Looking forward for the final composition.

Thank you Tiago.

Is not my concept, i see the Orion mining ship in Star Citizen sites, and i I loved his line.
I like how the ship is designed to be “really” functional.
So I decided to try to modeling it.