I think everyone would like to have an ornament like this… at least I would :P. C&C welcome.

I like the colors.
but… I wouldn’t necessary want to own something like that… heh, what is it, and where would you put it? :slight_smile:


Good, err, ornament! Lighting’s a bit weird, though…
Basse - It’s an ornament, so it goes on the mantlepiece.

Well idk about wanting one, but I really like the material.

how did you make it?


Well, I used 3 procedural textures (cloud, blend and stucci) and one image texture and then I just pushed some buttons from here and there and fixed some spec, nor and so on. I was pretty surprised that I managed to create something like this :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah the material look awesome…err…ehm…can u share the .blend of the material with us :wink:

keep up the good work :smiley:

Sure no prob. I like to share things with other people.
One ornament.blend file coming up… :slight_smile:

thanks alot :smiley:

all right! gonna use my 3D printer to print a dozen of these and decorate my room… OH the funkyness of glowing objects…

Very cool!