ortho camera not working

Hey guys
S i am working on heightmaps and this setup was working yesterday now it is no longer???
Here is the blendfile i don’t think i have made any mistakes been over it 3 times it just doesn’t work.
orthocamera.blend (774 KB)
When i raise the camera in ortho mode even slight above the landscape it no longer sees it

In your blend file the camera is about a km above the ground but with a clip end distance of 500m. Either lower the camera or increase the camera clip end distance in the camera properties

moving camera does not change anything

play with clip distances and with the camera scale

happy bl

Oh thx the tutorial said to have the clipping exactly the same as the objects dimentions, guess not. That was irritating swear it worked from a higher height yesterday ok so clipping can be an amount long as its in range of the object good to know.