Orthodox church of the war, Finland

Ordered modelling job from the pictures and original drawings of architec., customer wanted big 3d print also (height 25cm).
So 3d print measurements are 16cm x 23cm x 25cm.

Modelling made with Blender, 3d print made with Uprint Plus.

Nice Piece. Did you plan to make it “blocky” or just forgot to subdivide and smooth it?

It’s really cool to see what can be 3d printed… just wondering, what was the cost to have it printed, if you don’t mind sharing. But either way a really nice piece.

Printing cost was about 400 Euros (very cheap), material was about 600 cm3. I did it intentionally as low poly as it still almost looks like original. Uprint plus has .25mm (4 layers/ mm) layer thickness so no need high poly.
3D printers dont care Blender smooth shading, they print just real geometry.

Edit: Printing cost about 300€.

Nicely done!

That´s amazing. Biggest print I´ve seen for a while/ First blendfile-print. It looks really good in the original printing material/without color.

It look really cool.Good job and i can’t wait to see your next project.:smiley: