Orthographic camera no reflections

Hi. I am using the camera in Orthographic mode.
The reflections seem to be gone when I am in Orthographic and come back in Perspective.

Orthographic camera

Perspective camera

Its possible this has to do to optical knowledge and not …something related to blender.

I did more testing. I added a sphere black glossy…and does not have one reflection in ortho cameras.

world Hdri’s will only give reflections in perspective views in orthographic they will just give one plain colour. In cycles you can make a large sphere and map your hdri to it with an emission shader set to 1, put it in its own collection and in view layers set to indirect only. Then you will get the reflections in orthographic mode.
For eevee this option does not work.

Oh . Did not know this. I am actually doing an animation with orthographic cameras…and the hdri seems to reflect…maybe i am confused.

Yes sorry I should have said world “HDRI does not show reflections properly on flat surfaces”,

It is actually reflecting one pixel per face.
If you curve your plane a little you will start to get reflections the more you curve the higher res they get.
Easy solution, just found that shade smooth will fix it:
Shade Flat

Shade smooth:

Edit 2:
fixes in eevee not cycles for cycles maybe my first suggestion.

It sounds good, thank you for the insights.
I think we are dealing with a different issue. My reflections are gone when I am in an orthographic camera. Even adding a sphere did not work.

But now I found out its a bug i think. It does not show if the mesh has a glossy node …If i use a principle node works…

Maybe it is because you are using a plane. Here is what I get with 2.91 with just a glossy shader.



In cycles I got those black bits in the cube with smooth shade, I had to add a bevel to correct it.
Note that in Eevee there are no black bits but the reflection does have a counter spherical distortion at the edges which is also corrected with the bevel.

For the plane smooth shade alone did not give reflections (just plain 1 pixel colour), so I added a slight solidify modifier, I also got a “counter spherical” black bit so I had to give it a bevel as well.

I hope this makes sense.
I think it all has to do with the normals and the fact that smooth shade will “bend” them. Then how light rays will bounce on them.

For example I get no reflections with Glossy node and reflections with principle…maybe this is a bug?

It’s not really a bug…
In Orthographic view, all rays from the camera are parallel.
When they hit a plane, the reflected rays will also be parallel to each other.
If the reflected rays only hit the environment map, they will only reflect one single coordinate of the environment resulting in a flat color, since environment coordinates are just calculated from the ray direction (and parallel rays all have the same direction).

If, on the other hand, you have scene objects to be reflected, they will reflect as expected.

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but why will work differently between the principle BSDF and glossy ?

I don’t see any difference…

Oh I had a different outcome …thats what I meant with a bug

If I use glossy it will not have reflections and if iuse Principle …have

can you share an image of your setup? the original image you shared shows the correct results from an orthographic reflection of an hdri, as explained by Secrop

Yes I can. I need some time. The file is in my work studio.

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That is weird I get the same result as Secrop