Orthographic "local" view possible?

Hi folks,

In the pic below you can see Suzanne is rotated at a weird angle.

On the left i have the quad view open.

My question is: although Suzanne is rotated and not aligned with the world axis, is it possible to set one of the orthographic views (top, front, quad, whatever) so that it shows Suzanna as if she is located at 0,0,0 and not rotated in any way?

So i guess i’m asking if orthographic views for local axis is possible?

This would make some editing of rotated objects a bit easier!


I recommend to use an duplicate for easy editing.
You can create it with alt+d.

duplicate_for_editing.blend (117.4 KB)

View → Align View → Align View To active → Front

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In the regular viewport you can do this:

Hold SHIFT and the number pad key for the ortho view you want, it will put you into the local ortho view.

SHIFT-1 – local front ortho, SHIFT-3 – local right ortho, etc.

SHIFT-CTRL will give you the opposite side:
SHIFT-CTRL-1 – local back ortho, etc.

Quad view will not automatically adjust to that. I never use it myself, but you can customize it:


Many thanks guys!

It’ a shame the quad view doesn’t work with it (apart from the top right window). I’ll take a look at that customization mentioned.

Only one bit of weirdness: if i go into a local orthographic view, then i try to rotate around my object, i get a weird rotation. It would be cool if the rotation around the object was in the local view as well. Or is that a setting somewhere?

Beware the locat view transform orientation (top middle)… then everything is fine for me:

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Sorry guys, i spoke a little too soon, what i’m still missing in the local ortho view is a grid that’s also in local ortho view.

Or am i hoping for just a bit too much!? :rofl:

EDIT: i guess one could make a custom grid and parent it to the object you want to view in local ortho view … a bit of a hack though.

The grid is only on the standard axis… for this you may try @rigoletto’s suggestion…

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right, good point! … would be a nice update in the future though!

Many thanks guys, i made a quick vid as a reminder for myself and for any other noobs in the future asking about this!:


That’s a fine attitude… :+1:


Waaaaaa! I didn’t know you could do that! That’s gonna come in real handy!