Orthographic or Perspective?

Hi. I was just wondering, with the camera in Blender, should I set it to orthographic or perspective? Which would be better at mimicking a physical camera? Thanks.


no physical camera is orthographic

orthocamera has no depth view, so every object seem to be in same distance from the camera, so perspective is what you want to use.

Oh. Okay. So the Lense in object mode is hoe deep the perspective is?


yup - its actually related to the distnce form the lens to the “film” - in this case the screen, well, sorta

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good Lense setting? It seems 35 is way too much. What would be a nice realistic setting?


It depends what you want to do. To use Photographic terminology a telephoto setting is higher than 35 (usually 50 in standard SLR lenses) and a wide-angle is lower.

But 25 won’t be considered wide angle in (say) a museum or a train station, just as 200 won’t be considered telephoto on distant mountains (the lenses are but not the resulting shot).

In a practical sense, if you’re 50 feet from a statue and you want a pic of the statue only then a 200mm lens will do, but if you want the statue with its backdrop of buildings you use a 22mm and shoot from 15 feet.