OS X and Scripts Folder

Can anyone tell me how I can access the scripts folder is OS X 10.3.9.

I right click on the Blender Icon and show package contents.
I click on the contents folder and do a search for .py.

I get everyother .py scripts on my hard drive but not the blender ones in the scripts folder.

I have no problem finding it with Tiger on my machine at work, but Tiger is so buggy I don’t want it on my home computer.

If anyone can help that would be great.


This may help…

Open the file browser from inside blender. This icon looks like an open folder. Find Macintosh HD or whatever you call your hard drive that has blender on it. From there click on Applications, then whatever version of blender you have, click on blender.app, then contents, then MacOS, then .blender, then scripts. That should be where all your py scripts are.

what do you mean by “buggy”? blender (and everything else) works happily under tiger…