Osiris – A Star Trek FanFic Stealth Ship

Osiris – Star Trek FanFic Stealth Ship


This is a hero ship I’ve been working on for my early 25[SUP]th[/SUP] century Star Trek fanfic/animation/comic thing.
The design brief was basically a small slipstream capable stealth ship that didn’t belong to Starfleet but was still Federation-ish in origin. I realise that information is probably only interesting to scifi fans.
I Wanted to explore what an almost completely black starship in that universe would look like.
It is about 80m x 28m x 13.5m in size and has two decks that split to one at the bridge.

It’s been through a bunch of iterations and remeshes as I’m still very much learning the trade (this is one of my first 4ish attempts at an animation-ready models since graduating from just 3d printing models) so as a result there are pictures from a fair number of points in its development, though most of the clips are very recent.

I’m looking for comments and criticisms – hell half the design concept was built from the ideas of others I’ve had conversations with, so anything and everything is welcome.

Some things I’d like to add:
RCS ports around the place for BSG viper style movement.
Proper materials(obviously).
A fleshed out interior space.
More plating on the inner surfaces of the ‘wings’.
Cowling of some design on the pulse phasers.

I tried to post the images via Imgur but apparently this forum doesn’t rescale 21:9 images well – so the images can be found here:

Credit for the rigged man model goes to NickZ from BlendSwap.
The little fusion cores in the engineering pods are also from BlendSwap’s UP3D

Sorry for the weird links - this forum confuses me greatly when it comes to uploads.


looks great. reminds me on laura from bgs. but concerning to the reason that there are cloaking devices within the klingon airforce allready there is one question: what does god need with a stealthship? llap!

Nice lines, looks fast!

Cheers! Fast is the general idea :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yes! The stealthstar ‘Laura’ from BSG was a big part of the inspiration for Osiris. As gods need for starships - hah! You’d have to ask the old bloke with the beard :stuck_out_tongue:

Some new interior work - fleshing out the recreation space and the corridor storage lockers.

Nice lines, indeed. This is a very sharp looking design. The silhouettes look impressive and easy to read from many angles and the impression from the start is it’s fast, sleek and elusive.

Also, kudos on tackling the enormous challenge of lighting a darkly colored object in space. There are ways to do it that are very effective. Some suggestions are looking at how they overcame lighting problems on the Naboo space cruisers from Star Wars, which had shiny surfaces (which are essentially the same as dark surfaces in space). The methods they used to make it pop are very interesting, and involved some cheating, but really look great.


Very nice, reminds me of the the Normandy from Mass Effect.

Awesome! Pleasing that you like it, sort of a bit of a youtube fan nerd-out TBH :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve actually been keeping the Naboo starships in mind with this - thinking about integrating some of the landing gear and landing style of the Royal starship from episode one. Maybe some weirdly curved struts extending out from the bottom of the wings? Dunno yet.
As to the lighting - its mostly incidental atm - my materials are fairly basic with just a vague push towards slightly shiner military stealth coating. Haven’t even started to think about applying Fresnel to any of it - its just a diffuse and a glossy.
I’ll have a look into this cheating of which you speak. Should be interesting.

Thanks! That’s quite a common thing for people to say about it. Kinda cool - I do enjoy the aesthetics of that ship.

Just a quick update - finished off the armour layer, retopo on them is progressing rather slowly.
Also attempting a hex pattern texture system for the material - haven’t settled on a look yet though so here are a few experiments. I’ve not really done anything more than procedural materials before so the texturing is still rough and uneven.

nice design and new look update.

Another update. I think I’m done with the hull panelling. The UV’s need a little bit of a touch up but 3DCOAT did a decent job of it all by itself.
The thought behind the panel material was not unlike how one might see a scratch on a black piano that has since been covered in a new finish.