Other free Blender render farms?

SheepIt won’t let me add anymore projects if I don’t render at least 10 frames of other projects. And there doesn’t seem to be way how I can do so.

vswarm has a connection problem and Crowdrender doesn’t have a way to add projects.

I can’t render my animations myself either, cause they’re too heavy. So are there any other free render farms or must I start asking individual people to render my Blends for me?

EDIT: SheepIt client is 64-bit, but my PC is 32-bit, so it isn’t compatible.


Does the .jar sheep it client work?
Your situation sounds like you’d be unable to contribute much to any community render farm… Have you considered paying for one?

You could render a few frames on sheep it using Amazon EC2, that would cost a few $$ max and easily render a number of frames.

I tried jar once without admin rights, but it complained about loss of disk space. I’ll try today WITH admin rights, if it works.

I don’t have enough financial flexibility to pay online, unless I enable monetization in YouTube, which I’m planning to do after I got a specific non-Blender project finished.

It worked, but the projects I received were probably so massive that I got two frames rendered in 11 minutes and third one took lot longer. Is there a way to choose from smaller projects in SheepIt client?

In theroy sheepit calculates your hardware capabilites and send you jobs that can be completed in maximum 2 hours. I have 2 old pc rendering for sheepit community (with a dual core 2.13Ghz cpu) and i get frames that render in 5min to 2h.

There’s also Bitwrk, it’s in beta, alpha or something, it allows to render both in local and online, and both free or small payments in bitcoins, you set how much you wanna pay for your frames, from 0 to whatever. I haven’t had much succces with it but you can try.