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first post! :slight_smile:

After reading and discussing this with the elYsiun Administrators it was decided to add this forum.

So please use it! :slight_smile:

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First reply. What’s going on?

Edit: Damn, you beat me to it phlip.

YESH! 3rd reply ever, I’m in! http://www.dmbadcat.webhop.org/DOCUMENTATION_OF_THE_SPLIT.jpg

This should be a very useful and informative forum.

Yeap! I bleive this forum will be very popular!


This will indeed be a useful forum.


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thanks kib!!

YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS! This is what I was campaigning for! Just noticed it! Thank you, admin!!!

8th reply!.. is that good?

I’m in the top ten…

Well you all seem to like Wings and boy does it have a lot of people else where who like it as well… how about a forum for them to?

usefull but long… :expressionless:

hey what are you doing?

what would be the fastest rendereer in combination with blender to render human skin (SS, and so, too ) ? what would be the fastest free renderer to use blender with ? are there other except yafray or indigo ?

wut the software we discuss here…is it blender?

@BgDM Shouldnt this sticky be a bit more relevant, like locking it so people cant bump it this far and add useless question?
like it should be rules of this forum and thats it?

ps. i encourage you to delete this and all other posts :slight_smile:

Hi… Im using blender and i’ve need some other programs to make sound with… what programs are recommanded?

7month old thread bumped… :S
2nd suggestion to delete/lock/close this! anyone?

i need a software for lipsync

Hi all, I used KCeasy for windows and i love it But i dont love windows, so i want to know if there are Linux KCeasy client or other lookalikes who still are as good as kceasy.

please help me find them?

And will there be an port to linux of KCeasy?

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Hi Guys,I have a very large wmv file 8GB that I am trying to split so that I can transfer it across hard drives and I was wondering if anyone could recommend some good software to use, ideally freeware?thanks