Other ways to create a Circular Tube?

Hi, I need to make an indicator for a game to show a players progress. I created a tube using a bezier curve and a second bezier curve for thickness. I use the curve setting to increase/move the tube around the circle.

I’d like to know what are some other ways I can create this in Blender and still be able to rotate the tube moving around the circle?

depending on how you are mapping your displacement texture, you could use the screw modifier:

This is using local coords, if you need UV’s, it’s a little more complex

Thanks Sterling. I will try that. Did you use a Bezier curve as the base?

This is a fundamental graphic object called a torus.

The beauty of using a screw modifier is you can animate the angle over time, so it grows. Frame 1, set angle of 15, hover over the angle field and press ‘i’ to insert keyframe, go to frame,say, 45, set angle to 360 hit CR then insert keyframe.

I just used a mesh circle, but you certainly could use a bezier if you wanted.

Thanks Sterling, I couldn’t see your settings or how you made your torus so I googled it and found this tutorial. I made the Torus (see image Below) but when I went to the Modifiers Panel to select a “Displace” modifier, it’s not there? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: If you can quickly look at the tutorial I followed (see link) and please tell me if that’s how you made your Torus because I can’t add a Displace Modifier like you did in your example. I am Using Blender 2.8.

Ah, my bad, you can’t have a displacement modifier on a curve object, you’re going to have to use a mesh circle to start with.

Aah, ok, that makes sense. Thanks. I don’t believe I can use a “Mesh Circle” with the “Screw Modifier” so how would you do that?

Start by adding a mesh circle object:

Then go into edit mode and move the circle along the y axis:

Then you can add a screw modifier, and any other modifiers you want:

Got it working. Thanks so much Sterling. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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Could you share a .blend file for this? I would like to know how you managed to configure the filled radio at different levels. I suppose there is an empty there to control the circular curve length, but I’m not sure how.