OtherWorld Game

Hey guys I just thought I’d start promoting a new game I’m working on called otherworld. I am absolutely new to game design and just finished a course in it. Learned loads. We used unity mainly. I wonder how ye find the blender game engine? I’ll presume you have to programme in it. Whtas the language used

In anyways the game will be a sci-fi shooter with some cool game mechanics. SOme character and screen shots enclosed. Would love your opinion on it. Is it worth developing etc



cool game mechanics

That is not for the dev(s) to decide. I like the first dude with the clothes.

Actually it is for anyone to decide. We have no file to look at or a video to look at, so let’s take his word for it xD

btw Cool pictures :slight_smile:

I’m gonna polish a vertical slice up over the next few months. Had a good chat with some serious investors last week and they asured me there is a market for all types of FPS games. One of the main things i learned from them is you have to Marekt your game. Don’t just make it. Any you guys recommend gaming formums to join? Also will do up a trialr once the gameplay has been polished. But cheers for the feedback dudes

In this industry experience is everything. When you go for an interview, they want to see what you can do and what you have done. I have never heard of anyone that did anything great on their first go. You have to start small and reasonable, finish the project or demo, and move on.

I have seen a fair few people on this forum who make something (not even remotely notable, probably a bunch of unaltered 3d shapes moving) and they want to sell the idea. Oddly enough I haven’t seen this happen with Unity yet (probably because you have to be serious about programming in Unity, thus you have to have experience).

I am not trying to be rude. . . but people need to know their crap stinks, and do something about it before they think about money. I have been done BGE for 6-ish years and am now using Unity and I still know my games aren’t cash cows (let alone sell-able). But good luck to you none-the-less.

Gamers are like lemmings,

if you can get some to follow you, they all might.

So this can be great or terrible, as they might be following studio B over the sunset.