Ouija Board - Custom

Hey guys!
Just a shot of something I will be working on for the next couple of days, by request from a friend.
Obviously a Ouija board, but I wanted to make all of the graphics inside of Blender instead of GIMP.
Thankfully I decided to proofread this before I uploaded it on here, I had originally left out the ā€œNā€ :eek:

Render with white backing:

Objects only:


Nice approach, how did you find doing it this way? Any advantages / drawbacks?

Thanks MonkMonk! Much more control in my opinion, although I am by no means a GIMP professional either. The text was a no-brainer, much easier than doing it in GIMP (the curved parts at least). I suppose the rest of it was pretty simple as well, the fractal flame things I did with a plane, an array, and an empty, and the pentagrams the same. I am of course going to use this as a texture in the end, just save and re-import the PNG when Iā€™m done with the design. But, I would do it this way again in a heartbeat. :smiley:

Some tarot cards I will somehow incorporate into my ouija scene :smiley:

BI Sky Texture lighting:


Really nice and clean! :slight_smile: Call me crazy, but I always prefer doing everything 2D/vector related in 3D and meshes. Fonts, logos, etc. Perhaps it is just me being more comfortable in Blender. Or perhaps it actually gives you more control. All I know is that I use Blender the most I can :smiley:

Thanks a lot!! Yeah I agree, and I am definitely more comfortable in Blender than GIMP. I try to stay out of photo-manip programs as often as possible, and I do believe they are a lot more difficult when doing something as this. :slight_smile: