Our Escape

Hi guys. I dont know where im going wrong but something doesnt look right. If you think anything is lacking or can be improved please let me know. If its textures can you give me an idea of what i should be using. I really need lighting ideas too. I know its not finished and i only have place holders for the glass at the moment but i dont know, the scene is missing something. Much appreciated

The idea is cool, but the spaceship looks too flat, you must improve lighting with, for example, a sun lamp from left, then decrease the back lighting. Second, the rock textures seem to be not well unwrapped. You also can add some reflections from the oblos. Grass is quite good

Thanks for the help ill post an update as soon as i can :smiley: Really need to get this lighting done

Im thinking a table with some maps on might add to it. What can I change or add to make it less flat? Any thoughts

I, for one, don’t particularly see it as “flat.” Also, I am a sucker for whimsy and a sly sense of humor, so I love this shot. Just keep tongue in cheek and keep working with it.

The total sense of depth in any image, CG or otherwise, comes from exactly two things: perspective and shadows. Interest, though, also comes from variety. For example, experiment with colored lights, different light intensities, statements that you want to make about the scene using light, and so forth. If you’re using pure-Cycles, consider also using BI to provide highlights and maybe shadow-information, which you could then composite into the scene. And so forth.

And if you want to, change the setting completely and stick it in the bottom of a fish-tank. :yes:

I am with sundial on this. I, rather, like this. I would recommend keeping going. I think you will want to push the design though.

How does propulsion work? Is it a sailing vessel, x-ray powered, rockets? Give us some indications on that.

I am beginning to understand what people mean when they suggest drawings and such. As an artist, I completely, get it. But, when I crossed over to 3d, I kind of stopped thinking that way. I think that’s wrong. I think that basic “stick figure” type drawings can help you solve issues and give you some focus.

Also, I know what helps me is to try not to put details in too early. I tend to get lost and bogged down in them. So much so that I lose the point of what I was creating in the first place.

The above suggestion is because I get the feeling, from your post, that you have a good idea, but it’s not completely fleshed out yet. So…I hope that my suggestions help in those regards. If not…ignore them and keep moving on. You have an excellent start here.

Going to be working on this soon :smiley: you guys got me inspired :smiley: