Our mini photoshop inside blender for texturing.

Im using a lot the uv editor in a job now , and i find these things could be very usefull :

1 ability to edit like photoshop the textures , bright,light,contrast,hue,cloning,bluring,etc…
2 the ability to see the entire name of the texture , now we can only see a certain amount of letters and many times i just can see the whole name ,
3the ability to see where the texture is , the path of the file. sometimes i forget where it was and i have to search where it was.

this would save a lotta time.

the mini photoshop thing shouldnt be so hard to do as we alrready have all those tools in the compositor ( i think )

Concerning your first point it has already come to my mind also that Blender image editor could be mixed somehow with nodes.

mini photoshop already exists: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/Texture_Paint

There is also the image browser for previewing the images while still in blender…

edit: There already is cloning - just save your original texture and reload it as a source in the ‘C’ paint tool dialog in the Image Editor. You can also use the curves tool there for your adjustments directly in the editor. Since you can choose ‘render result’ you can take the image open (saved first of course) open in another blender window with the node editor open. Add the node for ‘image’ and have fun, then save and reload in the image editor (you’ll want to check ‘do composite’ when using the nodes for editing your textures.

I mean it, have fun - I can do a lot of stuff in blender before i even got to gimp or photoshop, you’d be amazed at what you can do :slight_smile:

Craigomatic :eyebrowlift:

thanx, man i dont really get what you are triyng to say, could you make a video with camstudio to show me what you mean ? i’ll re read what you say but i get a bit lost, i get the final picture but not te steps.

Thanx man. if you neeed some music for a clip i can help you out

listen to my tracks in my web ( below in my signature ):rolleyes:


Sure thing. I was wondering what would be a good candidate from my first tutorial, and since it is something I can do, maybe I can convey it better in a video. Give me a few days to get it together - working 14 hour days at work driving the yard hostler, so not much time when I get home :slight_smile:

Cool man , that would be great , please considfer making it , i’d love to see thoise technics in action

Have you seen reel for new Photoshop? It seems that they are rather going to have 3d in Photoshop rather then integrate 2d editors into 3d packages.

nop , can you post the link ?