Our Very Short Film!

Here’s the very short film i’ve been working on with 4 classmates for the past month. Almost exclusively made on blender (except for sculpting, texturing, explosion and cloth).

This project means a lot to me since it was a school project and it’s the first time in my school that they trust students to use Blender. I hope i don’t disappoint.

All due credits are at the end of the short film.



Very nice work. You might want to mark it NSFW. The lighting and the character model and hair and the timing are the highlights for me.

My two main suggestions are the nostrils and the letters at the end. The nostrils should be more round. The letters at the end should be easier to read. Why are they like that?


Thanks Bod!
I just marked it nsfw.
Also thanks for your feedback!
I can’t disagree with you for the letter at the end, we rushed those on the final hour. The font is looking a bit like Russian letter (since the short takes place in chernobyl) and may be hard to read.
Unfortunately, we have 0 time to redo anything since the deadline was christmas.