Out of Nowhere, Blender Has Slowed Down Incredibly

It was about two weeks ago, since I have started to use Blender for a project that it slowed down. I’ve recently tried downloading the latest version in 64-bit, but I still find the interface having a delayed reaction. My computer should be fine since it is a gaming laptop…any ideas why the interface has all of a sudden slowed down?

Something running in the background is stealing all the resources?

You haven’t given much information, so it’s not easy to answer. It’s not like Blender has some feature to slow it down that we can tell you about. Blender is really good at what it does. It’s probably something you did.

well, from the lot of nothing you provided, i can only guess its a driver issue. a quick look in the tech support section would have told you that.

Thank you, I apologize for the lack of information and have found a similar issue with other users.

if you haven’t started Blender in a while it’s most likely the updated Nvidia driver