Out of sync when importing PNG into PREMIERE

Hi there! this is really driving me nuts …

I recorded a video with green screen at 23,976 fps
I did chroma keying in Premiere and export as PNG sequence
When I import it back to Premiere to test, everything is in sync with the original video
Then I import the same PNG sequence into Blender (using images as planes) and export my resulting animation in PNG sequence at 23,98 fps

When I import the rendered PNG sequence into PREMIERE (the PNG sequence is correctly interpreted as 23,976 fps by Premiere) it goes much faster and out of sync from the audio and the original video.

What step am I missing??

Thanks a lot in advance

That really sounds weird because for example if you have a video with 100s then that should be 2398 images… and if they are read with that frame rate (23.98 fps) it should be 10s… so i wonder what Premiere is doing if it correctly interpreted the framerate but applies a faser framerate … Maybe just calculate the image quantity and check the exported/ imported number of frames… ?

Hey! thanks a lot for your reply …

Actually I am also processing this PNG sequence into AE to add motion blur, and I realized that for the same PNG sequence AE produced 66 frames less than my original PNG sequence, so it seems the problem is happening in AE, not in Blender.

I just don’t get it, since AE should simply get my PNG sequence and produce the same number of frames, shouldn’t it??

I double checked “Interpret footage” on my PNG sequence, and it is correctly set up to 24,97fps

Sorry to continue here with a problem which seems not to be from Blender, but I really need help to understand where is the problem.

It’s so weird, my composition in AE counts only 1355 frames, when the original PNG sequence is 1407 frames … and again, it’s correctly set up to “Interpret footage” to match my original 24,98 fps

I was trying different things, if I change “Interpret footage” to 23,99fps, only then my composition shows 1407 frames count

This is so weird …

You meant 23.976 fps…(?) anyway some research and i founs this awesome video Filmaker IQ :The History of Frame Rate for Film
Hmm :thinking: even if blender shows 23.98 i think this is just a rounded integer display… and your 1355/1407=0.963 is a bit too far away from 0.999 (or - 0.01% as in the video) because i was thinking: could it be that Premiere is applying the factor on itself ?? no no… (or “adjusting” to half/quater seconds)… doesn’t make sense either…

Wow, thanks a lot for all the information … for me it seems a bit overwhelming at the moment, I just found out this stupid trick, manually adjusting my “interpret footage” inside PREMIRE until it matched the sound (which happened to be 22,10fps) … I just have no idea why and how this works … Now i just need to focus on my video and leave behind some technical aspects.

But I will come back to it when I have more time!

Thanks a lot again