Out of the Box 02

Hi Guies,

It’s been a while since I had the time to finish any personnal stuff.
So here is my last creature box attempt.

HEre are 2 cycles rendering and the scketchfab link. I’ve also made a turntable in EEVEE that I will post later on with a video covering the whole creation of this character.
Hope you’ll like it.


Here is a commented timelapse I’ve done showing most of my process

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I always look forward with anticipation, to seeing you post tutorials. Thanks for another one.

Thanks, I’m happy you enjoy it and I hope to have more free time to work on new stuff

Looks amazing, the design of the creature is very cool.

Excellent work as usual. I love your way of making things. Everything seems so easy in your hands. I wish I could have so much facilities. Congrats and thank you for sharing with the timelapses.

Very cool creature. The time lapse looked like dark magic, thanks for posting it.

Very cute design and great character! 5*

I hate it, nothing about this works, is professional, or takes effort. The texturing is abysmal and the sculpting job is laughable.
These are all the things I now say about my own projects after having seen your masterpiece.
Great one mate, it’s always great to see a person do what they love; and your quality of work shows that you love doing this.

So very quickly, what’s your story with art and blender? Were you an animator or did you go to art school and years later picked up Blender as a pastime? Why have you chosen Blender over Zbrush?

Again, good work. My only little gripe is that I couldn’t quite understand the many folds in the knee. I’m trying to wonder how they’d move as his knee bends or extends, and I’m having a tricky time.

Great work!

Thanks for your kind words so.

  • I came to 3D pretty late in ly carreer but I did come from art industry in a way
  • I was technical graphist in a company running advanced printing engines let say. I start learning 3D for fun and fell nto blender a couple of year later
  • I’ve chosen blender in a first time because it was free, I also use Zbrush sometimes. Zbrush is more powerfull for sculpting but I don’t know it very well adn blender is pretty powerfull also for these tasks.

stellar art style!

I miss Skylanders

Really nice. Thank you for this Pierrick!

What a cutie. Good job.

Terrific character! It’s got a real personality. Fantastic work. I could see it as a new Oddworld character, for sure! Well done. A brilliant work of art. :slight_smile: