Outdoor Greenscreen-ing Tips and Advice

So, me and my classmates are creating a mythological short film for our class. I’m the editor of the film but I need tips about doing VFX. : D

The camera that will be using is not DLSR and we can’t adjust the ISO. And that really results to horrible noise problems specially in the dark shots.

Lighting shots better is the only way to reduce the noise but sadly, I don’t have any studio light or reflectors to use and that made me an idea to just shoot outdoors, specifically the park.

Is that even a good idea? We have night scene… Will thst be a problem or could I just composite it? Any tips on doing green screen effect outdoors? Im just an amateur CG artist… Lastly, what time of the day is best for this kind of VFX? Obviuosly noon is not the best time because I live in Philippines, hot tropical country. Suggestions?.. Advices?..

Here in the states we have something called the magic hour. That is early dawn when the sun is just about to rise. You can use that time to simulate night time scenes and use green screen.