Outdoor Still Life

My latest (still working on my stuff in focused critique):


Thanks for checking it out.

Dude this looks as real as my kitchen table. Which render engine did you use?

Blender internal.


I like it but why everyone who makes forks makes them look the same? because I haven’t seen that kind of forks anywhere but in blender pictures :slight_smile:

pretty dang good…Im too tired to think up critiques right now(except that the place where the teeth of the fork become one is too long), so I’ll get back to you later. It looks pretty dang good IMO, if a bit simple.

Especially love the lighitng, 4 stars easy…

I think it’s because blender forks are (always) sub-surfed… I thnk real forks are usually cut from sheet metal, so the prongs are square rather than round.

This is a very nice picture! I just think the focus is off: it looks like it’s focussed somewhere between the forks and the tomatos. Also the AA is horrible! What happened! Lovely colour and comosition though!

Nice image, put some SSS on tomatoes to get an even better and realistic result.

Yeah, SSS would definitely do some good for the tomatoes. Some variegation in color would also be good, and a few surface imperfections, slight bruises, etc. to add to the realism.

SSS this and SSS that. I like the rich colours as they are. Its more artistic than realistic i’ll admit, but its very high quality for B.I and i like it.

Too much blur, no real focal point :frowning:

Oh also, JPEG compression is horrible.

Although it is a very photorealistic picture, I think that the blur should be reduced a bit

Loving it! If you don’t mind me asking, what all did you do to the table? (as far as textures, diffuse, bump, etc),

eaglebreath: I dunno… as far as I know, most forks are metal, have 4 tines, etc.:stuck_out_tongue: (Excluding here in canada, of course, where we use chiseled glacier fragments.)

free_ality: Thanks, EH? (sticking with the canada theme from above). You’re right about the length of that part of the fork. Funnily enough I didn’t notice that.
The lighting is just an area lamp and a photo as hdr.
Looking forward to any other crits you have…:slight_smile:

Lohho: yes, I have noticed lately that DOF is giving me AA problems… but I find it depends on the resolution of the monitor on how it looks.
And about focus: I beleive the camera is actually focused on the far-right tomato, but your eye goes to the center of the piece, which is not quite as in focus.

enricoceric: Been there done that:). Tons of SSS, in fact.

BANZ111: See above about SSS. Regarding imperfections, I was modeling them after real tomatoes I had. Which had no imperfections. Scary, isn’t it?

TheANIMAL: Thanks. :)Glad somebody else thinks SSS is overused (although I did use it here.)

FuzzMaster: I beleive the camera is actually focused on the far-right tomato, but your eye goes to the center of the piece, which is not quite as in focus. Also, depends (IMO at least) on the resolution of the monitor.

SmaTheGreek: Hmm… maybe there is such thing as too much DOF then… :stuck_out_tongue:

nfollmer: Thanks, and of course I don’t mind. It’s just a texture (photo I took) set to affect col and nor. (Note, the texture was too small, so I scaled it up in photoshop. This cause blurring, however, so I used unsharp mask and then added fine noise. Looks high (er) res now.)

How is your lighting setup? HDRI I take it?

Well, YEAH :slight_smile: but I haven’t seen that shape anywhere. They are usually more curved and… I don’t know.
Conclusion: Those forks are just great!

5_on_it: Area light. Ambient occlusion. Hdri. (Used my own photo for hdri.)

eaglebreath: I admit it, it’s not the generic fork I’ve made, but oh well. Who likes generic anyway?:stuck_out_tongue:

Assuming you went for realism.

The tomatoes are too reflective on the angle, it needs blurred reflection. Tomatoes have a special specularity. Need more rms like spec. A texture for specularity could improve a lot. Also the red is too strong.
The forks also to shiny (no knifes?).
The wood has really bad quality texture.
The glasses looks like plastic thats been bought in IKEA.

3 stars (Avarage)