Outline select objects in collection bug?

If outliner is in Scene mode
and I right click on a collection and select the menu item “Select Objects”
Nothing happens. I would expect the objects in that collection to be selected. Am I wrong or is this a bug?

Works for me in 3.3.1., but I don’t know why your collection icon is yellow… Unless its a color tag.

Thanks for your reply.
That’s weird I’ve tried it in 3.3.1 and it didn’t work for me. Are you sure you’re in scene mode?
(yes it’s yellow because of a colour tag.)

Actually your right it, doesn’t seem to work in scene mode. You could select one of the objects in the collection and shift g > collection. Sorry I was mistaken.

Looks like it may be:


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Aha, thanks for that, I was just going to post a bug report. You’ve saved me the bother.