Outliner Help Required - Sorting Bones by Name - Is it possible?

I have a model that has quite a few bone in it and I’ve tried to keep naming conventions pretty much the same between sides (ie bonename_L and bonename_R) however, the bones names in the outliner seem to display following the order the bones were added. I’ve searched for reorder routines in Blender, posts regarding this here in the forum and on the net but haven’t been able to find anything.

SO here’s the question,

Is there a way to reorder the names in the outliner to be sorted alphabetically (of course by connections hierarchies)

Like this…


Pte Jack


In Outliner Menuline - View there are a Sort alphabetically Box You can Tic.

Dunno if it will work I don’t animate.


You can make an unconventional renaming strategy and get away with it. Personally I use it all of the time in my projects because it’s very useful.

The best way would be if Blender supported more advanced sorting options but this feature might never be implemented. :frowning:

Thanks Taipan, I already have that checked. That seems to help for root level object names, but the bones under the root remain unsorted.

Thanks Const… I think you’re right. Blender seems to sort fine at root level, but anything under the root level isn’t affected. I think I’m going to have to try and “sort” this out manually (pun intended.) Maybe assigning bones to another armature alphabetically then using the armature modifier to link to that one to the mesh objects. Haven’t tried that yet, but maybe that might work.

look into the verts group
there is a sort for bones hierarchy
might help

happy bl

Bone group may be a help here as well.