outliner object visibility and "track axis" in python?

Is there a way yet to access the visibility, “selectability” and rendervisible buttons that are in the outliner? I looked at the Object module in the API, but couldn’t find anything. Is it available but undocumented? Are there plans to add this functionality? It would be really nice to be able to hide objects in python.

You can always scale them to 0 for an instant hide but that won’t do fade out.
Perhaps there is a way to animate the alpha of the objects texture?

0 scale is no good, they are still selectable, exportable etc.

from object api docs.

bool restrictDisplay
Don’t display this object in the 3D view: disabled by default, use the outliner to toggle.
bool restrictRender
Don’t render this object: disabled by default, use the outliner to toggle.
bool restrictSelect …

I was thinking of the final render output when I mentioned scale 0.

Atom, its still not a nice solution especially with raytracing where it pollute the octree,
such quick hacks are fine for personal use :wink: - but its good to show others best practice where possible.

hey that’s awesome! Thanks ideasman … I thought I might have seen it before but couldn’t remember what it was called.

How can I change the “Track Axis” settings on the Object Anim settings pallette? The buttons that look like:
“TrackX | Y | Z | -X | -Y | -Z UpX | Y | Z”

I need to change the orientation of an object that I have dupliframed in my script. I found constraints that have similar settings in the API, but can’t find those particular buttons. Does rotating the actual object do the same exact thing?