Outliner: toggle for an entire sub-section of the hierarchy.

Hello !

Here is something I’ve tried to do in the past, without success… Time to ask for help !

Imagine you have objects parented to others, and them to others, etc…
You’ll end-up with a whole hierarchy in the outliner, for instance:

Car FrameDoor Left[INDENT]Fabric_inside
Door RightFabric_inside

[/INDENT]Now imagine you want to render your car, but only with the right door on, the left one won’t be rendered.

You have to toggle all the elements of the subsection “Door Left” one by one if you don’t want to see the lass and the inside upholstery (?) of your left door floating in the air.

What i search is a way to toggle a the top of the subsection and ALL the elements of that subsection behave the same: thus i could toggle my door “unrenderable” and the fabric and the glass wouldn’t be rendered too…

Is there a key combination for that ? I can’t find any, but it seems it would be a neat little feature !