how to read this outliner?
see the pic

i can see the circle and the cylinder in 3D viwport

but cannot see the empty’s
but the outliner shows these empty so ehre are they ?


are they on a different layer
press ~ to show all the layers

then right click in the outliner and press select

it was on layer 10 but i did not see it in the outliner?

i tough you could see everthing on the outliner?


not if it is on an invisible layer

To be clear, the outliner shows everything – usually, but you may not be able to see it and it won’t let you select things that are on hidden layers. Kind of annoying, really.

The outliner has a lot of modes, too, here’s examples of three of them for fun, which I made before I totally understood the question :D.

The other modes are Active Object Only (duh), Same Types (select a mesh, see all mesh, select a light, see all light), Current Scene (Just cuts the top level off of the Everything one if you only have one scene), and Visible Layers (like Current Scene but won’t let you see things that you can’t see.)

i made a camera with constraint to an empty and parented a lamp
see pic

i don’t see the constraint in the oops diag
the parent seems to be shown with a 1/2 black circle
but the constraint between camera and empty is not shown ?
instead the empty goesno where?
strange presentation?
why - you can see a chanin link in the normal outliner!


Oops dosen’t quite show everything. It dosn’t show nodetrees, brushes (which was what was hanging an otherwise orphan texture for me), modifiers, and … dunno what else. It’s really not that wonderful at the moment, and it’s really hard to keep organized and impossible to reset to the standard layout. (Really wish there was something that reset it and tried to lay thing out as treely as possible.)