Oval Office

Well, I don’t even know if I should be posting this yet, since it isn’t far in progress… but I’m modeling the Oval Office. Insane room. This is meant to serve as a pre-viz… hopefully, I’ll reach photorealism in a few months…hehe… just thought some of you might like the visual.


lookin’ good. the only thing i see is that the tables don’t have a shadow. but since it’s a WIP good job. I especially like the window effect.

yes, hard to say anything if it’s really a draft only… but… you need little bevelling to the edges… dramatic shadows… ashtray and long legged woman wearing black dress, smoking cigars and staring out the window, and talking to the fat detective sitting in a chair next to the table, sipping whiskey pretending to listen to her, but really in his mind he only has one thing, and it has something to do with the woman … and himself…

ohwell… I seem to drift here a bit…