Overclocking Pressario M2000

Hey everyone, I been trying to overclock my Pressario M2000 notebook with an Intel Celeron M 1.3Ghz processor. I looked it up and it looks as if this processor can be overclocked to 2Ghz, but I have no idea what PLL it has, and I can’t (I tried) taking my notebook apart to look. Does anyone have any information on this?

PS: Yes I know this is a bad idea especially on a notebook, but F. it I am tired of slow renders. I will run some tests and if it overheats or crashes I will restore it back to default.

well you should never take it apart to oc it however what you should do is go into the bios on start up of you computer and there should be (if you can oc it) 2 options A: the multiplier, you might not be able to change this, and B: the fsb (front side bus) this one will be the one your wanting to increase and the formula for your clock speed should be multiplier * (fsb/4) for example on my pc it is 8 * (1600/4) = 3,200 or 3.2ghz (it was originally 2.6ghz)

definition of PLL:
(Phase Lock Loop): A phase lock loop is a component that generates an output clock by synchronizing itself to an input clock. PLLs are often used to multiply the frequency of clocks.

For you to hear “PLL” it seems like you need PLL to be activated for over clocking to work (changing the voltage in the bios uses the PLL to multiply the oscillator’s frequency).

There’s probabily a switch on the baord called PLL or VccPlf or something that needs switching. probabily located near the CPU i’d guess.

Dont attempt it unless you feel competant enough. You’d still have to access the bios and change the voltages. Activating PLL will also result in more power being drained (which most likely is why it’s disabled in the first place, sinceits a laptop).

I wouldnt advise you to do anything unless its nicely documented with images by someone already.

That, or the BIOS has an option called PLL. I dont overclock, so i wouldnt know. However, there used to be a safety switch on my AMD motherboard, so 1. i couldnt over clock it and thus it ran at 400Mhz. most likely this was PLL related. you may have somthing similar.

you should wait until you have a replacement system, you can really mess things up by over clocking your system.

Almost every weekend we have kids coming in that have tried over clocking their GPU and CPU… it is great for business, because they have ruined their old hardware, and they need replacement parts most of the time.

You really dont gain very much most of the time… ESPECIALLY in laptops, their cooling is already on the edge of disaster, so you only get a few minuets of over clocking goodness before it shuts itself down, or simply melts down.Not to mention that it makes systems unstable as hell most of the time.

We had a kid come in last weekend to buy a graphics card… he ended up with a 8800GTX in a SLI pair.
He claimed that he could overclock them so that it was the exact same specs as the 8800 ULTRA… I told him if he did that he would void the warranty , and end up burning out his GPU’s… the ULTRA is not the same as the 8800GTX they have a different cooling system, and a very different voltage.
We saw him yesterday, he was buying a 6600GT because he burned out, not just 1 GPU but both of them, and he had to borrow money for the crappy new card from his parents… He also claimed that he could overclock the 6600 to some new levels…
I told him “See you next week”.

I think my favorite customer is between the age of 14 and 21 who want to tweak their systems.They buy systems with heavy duty coolers for the CPU, and get the expensive fans for their cases… they need 500$ PSU’s and “special edition” motherboards that allow them to overclock.(in other words they have fallen for every single hardware gimmic, they have read about on some forum,or advertisement somewhere)
I just know that I will be seeing them again within 3 months , and they will need a new CPU,Memory sticks or a new GPU… And to “Talk shop”, about how cool they are, and how crappy the brand name and model of whatever they burned out is.

Well anyway… just wait until you get your next system, then go and over clock the old one, and have fun :slight_smile: Watch how fast it is, and also watch how fast it fails, and starts getting all funky.
A tip about laptops, is to put them up on blocks, so that air can circulate under them…
also remove the battery, and leave the slots open ,and leave the CD/DVD drive door open as well to let more air in.

well yeah mmph is correct about your laptop if you try to oc it you will most likely kill it and i posted with the assumption in mind however if you have a desktop it is safer to oc it and the only reason that i feel safe ocing my processor by 600mhz is because of the fact that my system reports all temperatures to me and i have a lcd temperature screen that verifies what my motherboard is telling me plus i spent about 30 dollars and got a better heat sink/fan for my cpu just to be safe and im glad i did cus with my oc it runs at 55c under load however my graphics card is another story i will never overclock it the performance that i would gain out of it is minimal but the risk to it is very high especially with what nvidia has been doing lately and that is pushing there cards to the edge of there cooling abilities at stock so in conclusion of you have a desktop with good enough air circulations then by all means feel free to oc your processor a little bit at a time

by the way mmph my fans are stock fans for my case and a 10$ pci slot fan so that my graphics card can have its heat vented out of my case instead of into it and a 30$ cpu fan and im between the ages of 14-21 and i have never even had my system crash on me for being too hot

Thanks for the replies guys, this is some good information. Most of it I already read not too long ago. There some good points made that it most likely what make my notebook run much faster, and I think that I will just run some tests when and if I get it to overclock.

again tho unless you are fully willing to ruin your laptop i wouldnt oc it laptops are not meant to be oced