Overgrown Cave

About the project:
Cliffs & rocks have been made by modeling the base shapes and using displacements to get the rocky shapes. Vegetation is from Blender addon - Botaniq
And dude in the middle is a scan.

So there’s a lot of debate around the digital artists communities regarding the new AI tools that came out - I’m talking about the likes of Midjourney / DALLE and whatever other pieces of software similar to these are out there.
Of course the whole world has kind of divided in two sides - those who are against it, and those who like the concept or at least have nothing against it.

I myself am glad these kind of tools are now available to everyone. Ever since I’ve been doing 3D I was always a little bit limited, in the sense that I always kind of needed a good reference image / concept art that I could base my artwork on about 60%, and then the rest of 40% was adding my own style to it to make it how I wanted it.
The issue with this, was of course that I wasn’t always able to find good images that were showing off exactly what I had in mind. But now that’s not the case anymore.

Because of Midjourney, for instance, I now have my own personal “concept artist” that’s able to spit out images based exactly on what I see in my head. Once I have a pretty decent starting point, I can then just turn my vision into 3D like never before. And this is the true power I see in using these kind of tools. I’m horrible at drawing, sketching, anything that requires my hands on a pencil. Now that’s not an issue anymore.

What is your take on all of this AI art generators?


I like your scene. Makes me almost smell it.

I am puzzling over something (totally minor) – what’s the red on the person’s arms?

And I’m generally with you on viewing AI as it stands now as a useful helper tool because I am coming to art very late in life, couldn’t draw/sketch my own concept art if my life depended on it, and while I probably could learn if I invested time and effort, I want to do 3D now, not later (later might never come).

But that whole discussion already has several threads in the general forum here, and I am not sure starting another one in #artwork is the best idea. Might wanna check those out, a couple were active very recently.

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Thanks for the kind words, mister piranha!
The red thing on the dude’s arms is me messing up the subsurface scattering and being too lazy to fix it afterwards.

On the AI topic, I actually just posted a video up on YT where I’m talking about this scene I just made, as well as a little bit about the AI thingies.
It’s here if anyone’s interested in it:

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Cool! I always enjoy watching people’s creative process.

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Your cave looks really cool. It’s a beautiful, atmospheric scene. Although, the messed up SSS is slightly distracting once you notice it.

AI as a tool for concepting and sparking creativity or tools to speed up workflows? 100% for it. AI as a replacement for human artists? Highly doubtful. Probably only only applies to people who were too cheap or poor to hire professional artists in the first place, sort of like using UE5’s MetaHuman (which is pretty cool, but won’t be replacing character artists any more than Daz or Reallusion Character Creator did).


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Good take on the whole AI thing. I shre your view.

Also awesome job on the render! looks Inviting!

Small critique: the SSS on the arms makes it looks so it’s a plastic figurine rather than a human being. Bit much.

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Thank you as always, Bart!

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