Overlapping color in Mesh


We imported the Rigged avatar(.glb) with separated mesh for all body parts.
In the below image section(highlighted) the mesh has two colors which is overlapping with the other mesh.
Pls suggest how can i remove overlapping color in white shirt(mesh)


Well the UV’s control the texture… and whoever made this choosed to make the texture making visual border/seam in this shown polygons… so you have to edit the UV’s…

It also seems to be that those polygons have a more stretched UV/texture than the rest of the vest… IDK someone did something to the model which doesn’t work nicley to some other work… it also seems to be the vest and the shirt have a gap inbetween… i would reconsider which part is vest an which shirt and give them separate UV-islands…


Thanks @Okidoki …

I checked the UV mapping there is no overlapping… somehow am trying to bridge the gap between vest and shirt but that seems not the issue. can u have a look pls


I wasn’t talking about overlap but looking at your file… you have a model with

  • arms and shirt texture,
  • vest and vest texture and
  • colllar with mixed vest and shirt texture

and also this mixes UVs… which are also very bad streched… i think you have to move some of the vertices down so that the mixed part is more under the vest…

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sorry for being late…its done