Overlapping Topology [Help]

Hello everyone!

I’m having issues with a model I’m currently working on. I’ve found that I’m having overlapping topology and whenever I delete the faces and try filling them again. I end up having the same issues. I am new to blender so I’m not sure what are the quirks behind the software and am looking for advice.

I’ve placed a screenshot below.


I’m not sure what you mean by overlapping?? Which one do you delete and what do you wann *fill ? Do you want to make something like a hole ? (Here shown on on side?)

As far as i can see you don’t have a mirror modifier anymore and haven’t symmetry on, so this is not the problem??

@Okidoki Thanks for you quick response!

Sorry I guess I did not make it very clean when I had pulled the edges to show as an example. The faces that you have highlighted were actually laying on top of the faces right under them.

Another way I can explain it is that if I were to delete the one of the faces. There would be another one right behind it and I’m not sure what I am doing to cause that to happen…