Overlay a picture in the workspace?

Hello all!
If I want to model something that I have a gif/jpg of, is there a way to put that picture in the background of the workspace to help out in the modeling process?
For example (a simple example) if I wanted to make a maple leaf, and I had a picture of one. Is it posible to display the picture in the background somewhere so that I may shape my mesh like the picture?

Thanks for your help!
Isn’t blender amazing? I am loving it more everyday…

Of course you can! Only Jpegs, though. Make sure your cursor is in the 3D window and hit Shift-F7 (notice how the current window type icon in the lower left of the window changes to button windows). Click on “BackGroundPic” and then “Load”. Find your JPEG and open it. It’s open now so you can change back to the 3D view by pressing Shift-F5. You can hit Shift-F7 to go back to change the display size of the picture and how transparent it is.

outstanding :slight_smile: thanks!