OverLoaded logic bricks

ok, so I got my movements working and added a jump, then added some interacting objects and lo and behold now my jump doesn’t work and the newest thing I add into the scene (a different kind of door) doesn’t work either.

I crosschecked and cross checked and cant get the jump to work… not without deleting several objects.

the game is processing too many things at once and is forgetting to do certain things.

how do I fix this?

ok now the whole file is bugged, no matter what I delete or how I set the jump, it’s bugged. and the jump wont work.

lol it’s a dynamic object and it’s floating, it wont move on Z axis the Z axis is bugged


I use 100’s of bricks,

I will double check your setup

if it is to big to host here,

post @ pasteAll.org or get a google drive or a drop box

thanks for the reply, for some reason the damp is bugged, I had it set to 1 so the player object wont bounce off static objects and slide all over the floor (and it worked fine, even with the jump), but now if damp is 1 the object wont jump or fall.

I’ll send a sample blender later, dang I really dont want a slidy object of a player, not unless he’s on ice.

is there any other way to control the friction or damp based solely on object, material or axis?

I’ll be back after work.

I can help you , you just need friction :slight_smile:

materials panel

and for every action there is a equal and opposite reaction if you do not want this, you just need to cancel your velocity on impact with the scene item,

since people are “squishy” there bounces are not happy ones…

ok is that only in 2.6+ ? I am using 2.49b and cant find it… I really don’t want to update the game to 2.6 yet… it would mean updating my scripts…

sorry I thought I said somewhere that this was in 2.49b

no I use 2.66

aahrgh… ok… so theres probably no way to control this in 2.49b I am assuming?

oh… goodie…

the means I need to update several key scripts… lol Monster? any chance you’re reading this?

I can help you make a movement system using physics, and logic, that is easy, in moments


WRectification.blend (779 KB)

lol, I just need to be able to control the friction in 2.49b, if I can do that I’m golden. the scripts I’m using are for other things.

You can use a script to do that

velocity.z =velocity.z*.95

then it will slow by 5% each frame

oops meant to edit

Double post… sorry

That option should still be in the material settings, even in 2.49. Hit the DYN button to expose the settings, if I recall.

woooo! thank you both, there the settings are! it was just a case of not being fully observant on my side I guess.

thanks alot, problem solved.