Alexander Ovechkin Hockey player. Figure for 3d printing.


Wow, another fantastic model.

Hey… Wonderfull sculpts! Are your models sculpted in Blender or you just using blender to render?

All work in blender. Base model, posing, cloth simulation, an after that sculpting.

ahhh! nice! another hockey fan?

amazing model :smiley:

Looks great! :slight_smile:

great dynamic model!

Yea, this came out really nice, you should think about posting a pic if you do decide to get it 3d printed.

Thanks for the reply. I would love to see the model before you start sculpting. Just wondering how much detail is put into the sculpt and how much into the model before sculpting.

Same details. Multiresolution level3, all smal details a separete and attached like vertex child. Avter that cloth simulation (baking 5 hours) and smal fix in sculpt mode.

Awesome and detailed job.
I like it :slight_smile: .

Wow, really great work!
How does look printed model?

Very well done. What printer are you using?

We use our Envisiontec mini multilens. As I know shapeways dont print small figures so if you need ady jevelery or small then 10 cm figure, you can contact me.

Wow! Beautiful render. I prefer the latter but they’re both brilliant!

thank you!

neat like sculpting, it’s nice to see your wonderful rendering, thumbs up.