Owl Moth

Four particle (hair) systems. One spotlight key with ray shadows. One hemi fill with only diffuse. Rendered with Blender internal. Gamma adjustment in GIMP.

  • Hodges


Blender internal is alive and kicking :slight_smile:

The logo is a nice touch.

this is great! You really have to submit this for a header on blendernation.

fine work!

Really fine velvety fellow!

Veeery nice!!!


this is a great image.

Loving hair on the top half of its body but hair on wings look blurry for some reason.

Blender’s logo is very well integrated!

Thank you everbody! I feel honored by this much attention. I think the hair got combed too flat on the outer part of the wings. I’m lucky that owl moths are so psychedelic to begin with. And thank you Bart at BlenderNation - you have made me as happy as a little girl. :wink:

would you mind sharing a Wallpaper sized version of this? I’d love to have this on my desktop, it’s such a great render.

And thank you Bart at BlenderNation

well deserved I say!

I hate moths and this picture is so realistic it send shivers up my spine… so in other words you did a really great job on realism xD

Howdy folks. Here is the link to a 1920x1080 version on PasteAll -


Great work Hodges…the detail you’ve achieved this particles - perfect! that must have takin some doing