Owl Sculpture

A new project 0_o?! Well, I decided I wanted to make something, since I’ve been fairly inactive in blender recently, and I haven’t done much sculpting, so I decided I’d make an owl sculpture. It’s heavily inspired by this. It’s all done with Dyntopo. It’s around 85k poly’s. I will be retopologizing it later. I’ve also been trying/wanting to get back into games recently, so I might make it low poly, and render it for the game engine. Also, why have mouselook and reflections in BGE still not been trunked.:confused:

I like it =) great start! The anatomy seems correct to me.

Thanks Valentinia! Update! Started the retopo. I forgot how fun retopologizing is intense sarcasm. So far the topology is a bit messy, but I might get around to fixing it later (at least it’s all quads). I’m not quite sure to do in the back of the head. I’m going to have to reduce quite a lot from the bottom of the back of the head to the top of the back of the body.

I’m kind of a noob to blender but what is retopifying for? is it to make it easier to texture objects in loops?

Basically retopologizing is taking a high density mesh (in this case it was around 85k) and making a lower density mesh over it with clean topology (currently this is about 783, and clean topology involves clean,followable lines around the mesh and is mainly important for animating, but texturing as well).