I’ve decided to start a list of oxymorons because… I have. anyway i’ll start off with two:
WindowsXP Proffesional
Military Intelligence

Someone came up with this link during a Weekend Challenge with ‘Oxymoron’ as the topic.

And man, the guy who won that Weekend Challenge really kicked @ss:

ooh yes I remember

And man, the guy who won that Weekend Challenge really kicked @ss
I can’t help but to agree with you

cordless extension cord

A cheap printer.

semi bullet proof glass

Microsoft Works --> that one’s the best

Government organisation
Fresh frozen
Light yet filling
Honest salesman
Pretty ugly
Act naturally
Advanced BASIC
Genuine imitation
Good grief
Working holiday
Almost exactly
Alone together
Business ethics
Peace force
Charm offensive

That enough for you? ( this line one isn’t an oxymoron )

.:[email protected]:. is cool.

I hear: “Random Pattern” alot…

Honest Presidential Candidate
Small SUV
Good Country Song

Good Country Song

Good Taste

Thanks. :smiley:

That was an oxymoron.

Oh. :expressionless: … Now I feel really stupid. (If you mean that good taste was an oxymoron…)

I’m confused. :o Runs to a [safe hideaway]

                                          OXYMORON  ^

My favorites are
rap music
jumbo shrimp
non-dairy creamer

clean dirt

Master Apprentice

Living Dead

I’m an oximoron.

Blender sucks.

Bill Gates.

I’m thinking that Gates are usually closed. But at first I thought “Open”…Uh…argh. I’ll crawl back under my rock now %|