Pack .blend-files

Hello there, Blender friends!
When I viewed a .blend file this evening I noticed that it is packed. As you can see on the image below, you can’t select any of the menus (3D-view, IPO-Editor,… for example).

When you “mouseover” this Box next to help, it says: “Indicates this is a packed file. See file menu”
I searched the entire Web and I am hoping for your help now, because I want to do that with various of my files, too, that I want to defend from external changes. But I don’t know how it works.

Thanks in advance



This should help:

I know how to pack external files into a .blend1, but what I need is an unchangeable .blend file, like shown on the picture, where you don’t have any control of anything.

U can’t change the window type or the screen setup (Modelling, Sequencer, and so on), thats what I want.



That’s not what “packing” is about… sounds like you’ve got a corrupted blend file to me…

packing is only about embedding files inside the blend file.

the easiest way to fix this should be to:
open Blender.
Append the scene, not open.
Make sure you have load ui Not Pressed.
Then your scene should open & the dodgy interface will be gone.

It is the bathroom demo, and I have seen this several times, the author of the bathroom calls it an “archived .blend-file”



where can I toogle the “Load UI” trigger,
1st step File > Append or Link
2st step and then??

1: at the bottom of the file dialog is the “load ui” button

2: the bathroom scene is just saved with a window maximised, not " locked"

hit ctrl up arrow to return to the standard view with all the header features (like scene switching)

can I call you god?
Because you are the Blender god! or the Blender wizard?
anyways, that worked! thanks in advance :slight_smile: