Pack Data

What actually happened after I click ‘Pack Data’?

I hope there is a zip file somewhere contains the blender file and all the bit

map textures.


When you press the little package button, say you are in textures, and you have an image texture,…that image is then saved as part of the blend file, and you can zip it up and send it off and it will be intact.

I see, and thanks for the information.

So you have to manually pack all the textues?

After few days, may be weeks texturing, it’s going to be hard.

Also, after you loading some tga into the UV editor, how do you get rid of

these are not in use?

At the end of the two weeks just go to ‘Tools’ -> ‘Pack Data’ then all data external to the .blend (except some plugins) will be included in the file. This is useful when you send a blend to me as my comp doesn’t have your UV textured image saved on C:\MyPics\UV

And it doesn’t zip it, you have to do that yourself.

To get rid of anything in the datablock ("-") that is unused (has a O in front of it) save and reload Ctrl-W Ctrl-O (sometimes twice)


got it.