Pack external data did not work?

In my project I’ve used some textures and now I have to render it but on another computer.
Since I used a lot of textures, I packed them in my file (or at least I thought I did it) by choosing File->External Data->Pack all into .blend .
Blender told me that 31 objects where packed, but when I moved the file in the another computer the texture are not showing (they’re pink as if they were missing).
I’ve tried a second time by selecting all the objects and press L and Make Local->All.
Now if I go into texture mode (in the other computer) the texture are shown, but if I go into render mode they are all pink. What’s happening?

Also, I have some objects that I appended from another file (not linked); do I need the original file to show them in my .blend or since they are copies I don’t need that?

if you move the textures from one file to another then blender wont find them. the easiest way to solve this might be to tell blender witch folder the textures are located. i dont know how to do this but i do have an alternative solution that may work. make a new folder that has the same filepath as it had on your old computer. even though it means making a lot of new files.
that way blender will look for the textures as if it was on the old computer and find the folder with the textures and will then use them as normal.

basically make a new filepath, ex: c/users/documents/blender/textures/project_1/
that was just something random that i came up with, dont copy paste it or anything. go on ur old pc and get the filepath and make that path on ur new pc.

Then wha’ts the point in packing data in a .blend file if I have to set up again all the texture in the other computer? By packing data in the file I should be able to move my file in every other computer and have all the textures and materials already there, am I wrong? I do not move the texture, I just pack them in the .blend file so that I do not have to move every single image I’ve used.

Anyway, I think I’ve found the solution but it would be nice if someone proves me right. This is what I did:
Opened the .blend file in the other computer and then
File->External Data -> unpack into file -> write file to current directory
and then it worked, with the result that all the textures I’ve used are physically unpacked on the other computer (all the .png files copied on desktop), but I don’t know if it’s correct.

When people share their .blend files here in the forum with packed textures, usually there is no such problem as you said.
What versions of Blender are you using on both computers? Could you test packaging again and using the same version of Blender in the two computers?

The version is the same (2.73), one on windows 8.1 (where I’m working) and one on windows 7 (the one where I have to render).
By doing the last steps I mentioned, what am really I doing? Is it wrong? 'Cause I couldn’t find any other solution :\ also it is strange that in texture mode the textures are shown but not in rendered mode…

I thought until now that should not be necessary unpack to see the textures in the render, but not sure now.

Oh well…
I’ve downloaded some .blend files and it never was necessary to unpack them in fact … There is surely something wrong in the packaging step I’m doing

Sorry to resurrect a super old thread but by any chance did you ever figure out how to properly pack the textures? I’m having a similar issue.