Packing a blend file

Hi all,

Apparently, if I pack a file it will include my UV images with the blend file. However, when I pack a file that has two UV images, I notice no change in the file size. What have I misunderstood about pack?

perhaps the images were already packed?
[in the image window, right of the menu to choose an image is a button, when pressed the image is packed]

you forgot that you need to save a packed file for it to stay packed? [just pressing the pack button doesn’t save anything]

Actually, I’d never even noticed that button - with the layout of my windows it was off-screen. The images were not packed.

Can you clearly go through the steps involved in pack please?

From what you say, I gather I need to click on the pack button for each image I have then, from the UV/Image window still, save the image again (writing over the original?). Finally, select File|save. Presumably File|Unpack to use the file with images.

file-> pack data will pack all images, then you just need to save

optionally you can pack/unpack individual images in the image window by pressing that button. If you want the image you packed/unpacked to stay that way (in your .blend) you need to save

I probably confused you with my strange [and short] explination of a this concept.

other than you not having saved after packing the data, I don’t know what the problem could be.

Got it - thanks. Didn’t realise I had to also save the file AFTER packing :expressionless: .

One more question: what’s the purpose of packing an image but not a file?

There isn’t any actual Purpose…

If you pack the file, the image will be also packed…

There is however a purpose in unpacking an image… :wink:

That ‘Pack’ button in the Image Texture Panel, is very useful in cases, when you want to pack your file, but you don’t want that Image to be included in the packed .blend file… :wink:

Makes perfect sense - thank you.