Packing equal uv islands

Is there a way to automatically pack uv islands maintaining the ones that are equal in the same texture space? Think on a box an each of its faces is an uv island and you want top and bottom faces to be the same and automatically pack everything so that top-bottom uv island get the same space. Is that possible?

one thing people often do is to construct a model ( symertrical ) for example, a human, then delete one half, UV unwrap the remaining half, then mirror duplicate it and weld it together. I don’t know if that method applies in your situation though, since I don’t know what you are making

Hi, sorry for answering so late. This is not that case as it isn’t actually symmetrical (technically it is) like a character. It’s a mower model that has many equal faces and as it is going to a videogame I don’t want to waste texture space so I try to match those faces together.

Unfortunate I think you’ll have to move them into place by hand. Even expensive software like UVMapper has this limitation.