Pagani Huayra

Hi, the moment to start an another car is right now.
This car trill me for her complex geometry, but I feel good and I think my time for jumping ahead has arrived.
Started little minutes ago, there’s only a part of the hood.

nice car you have choosen, lookging forward to see more!

Thanks to Eric Fondane, down here other updates made in the last moment

Nice and smooth ;), can we see the wires next time ? :slight_smile:

Yes, you can.
Here you go


Back just over!

nice modeling here, keep it up :slight_smile:

Thanks Ghilas.

Head lights just done

From what I can tell, the headlights look good.
Just to let you know, the edge just up and right of the cursor on your last screenshot is supposed to be harder, I think.

I keep in mind, ctdabomb.

lookin prety bad ass. yeah, I see a few edges that iether need a loop or the loop needs to be taken out a bit, but just go over it with a fine tooth comb when you are done. Wont do any good to stress about it half done with the model.

Windows done, I have to begin wheels.
I don’t know, but I can’t make really well wheels of any car, I hope this one changes this loop.

Yeah, it’s the first time I make a rim decently! Geometry has done the way God. The Render below it’s only a preview.


Ok, Pirelli Pzero and back wheel are done. Now brakes, we will laugh a lot!

brakes arent hard but the loft tool IS YOUR FRIEND!!! lol. I think you may have over topo’d where the spokes meet the rim. it looks like i see some slightly straight edges where it should be a slightly smaller, tighter, more circular shape… tris are not as big of a deal on rims especially if you have good edge flow, so you are probably fine with the merge tool. looking good man.

Sorry for my ignorance, but what do you mean for loft tool?

I need a little help. I never modeled a brake before so I don’t know if there’s a specific way (starting to disk…) and where I can find brake’s blueprint?

Woah just saw your thread , and i must admit your modeling is awesome.
Keep it up!
as for the brakes blueprint , same here … im trying to do it by a picture reference.
And on my model i have a full set of tires which i found over the web just for aesthetics.

Thanks niebieski, here my tire