Pagani Zonda 760 Roadster

Thought i’d post up my current WIP, a Pagani Zonda 760 Roadster.
I’m still at the modelling stage, with the dash and steering wheel to do on the interior. The wheels need some work on the exterior, with some finishing off here and there - and then theres texturing! Currently a basic gloss red material just to see reflections. I am using the Octane plugin for rendering.


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Nice. I always wonder, when you model cars do people just go from pictures or do they get like the blueprints of the car?

I tend to use refereance photos of front, side, and back - found on google images. Set those as background images in Blender, and size them to try and get points to match up in all views. It will never be perfect due to each photos perspective and point of view being slightly different - but is useually good enough.

I like this project - it’s the only supercar I would ever buy.

Cheers, Clock.

Made a bit more progress with this. Interior mostly finished now.

not bad but your carpaint should be reviewed, it looks to much like some faded plastic :slight_smile:

Yep, it will be improved. That is just a basic gloss material so I can see the reflections. I will give it a nice metallic paint when I start texturing (soon).

Still need to add brake disc/ calipers, and I think I will redo the tyres

Very nice so far, what’s the polycount on it?

Currently on 765K Tris, thats with a level 2 subsurf. Hopeing to keep the completed project under 1M polys, as a nice round number :slight_smile:

I’ve added brake discs and calipers, remodelled the tyre, and started texturing. I’m having to use octanes direct light kernel for rendering, as path trace is too noisy for this interior scene.

I’ve added textures for the paint, carbon fibre parts, and lights. I think the paint needs a bit more grain, to show the metallic flakes.

This is just awesome, you did a great job there

This is bloody awesome. If I didn’t know better I’d swear it was a real one.

Awesome work! It’s getting more and more realistic!

Nice work!

Just a quick tip, try to increase your focal length to something like 70 or 80. If you look at actual car images, you’ll see this a lot. They usually do this because it shows more of the car and makes the perspective distortion less obvious. You’ll also notice this a lot in portraits.

Of coarse, the focal length should be set to whatever you think gives the best effect, but for now you’ll probably want to increase it a bit.

Thanks for the comments. @TARDIS, I will give that a go when I come to rendering, thanks (just doing viewport renders for now).

I’ve spent some time tweaking the paint, adjusted the lighting (added spotlights), and started textring the interior - which still needs a bit of work.

I cannot believe that there is grille in the air intake scoop. Great car with a great engine by … Mercedes!

There is a grille in the scoop, presumably to stop anything too large getting into the engine.Maybe mine is a bit too far forward though.
I’ve just realized my scoop is slightly the wrong shape.

Added seat belts, and continued texturing the rest of the interior. Still some finishing touches to do here and there.

And since I havent shown any yet, here are some wires!